Free Software to Track Google Keyword Search Rank Results

Ranking but not really seeing the results that you are paying for? You want a return on your investment but really don’t know how to track it. That’s because you haven’t heard of organic keyword search conversion. When you use organic keyword search conversion you are able to see how well your organic searches are converting.

It's important to understand that when you rank for specific keywords that this doesn’t always mean you are ranking for the right words in order to convert.

Drive Organic Google Traffic and Generate More Sales

Generating sales and revenue by driving organic traffic should be the ultimate goal for any website owner wanting to get the most out of their SEO. But if your website is ranking for wrong key words or you don’t have your website isn't set up to for optimizing conversions then you may not be utilizing your SEO correctly.

A helpful tool to use when determining the correct keywords to rank for is to search for related phrases or words that relate to products you have for sale on your website. Conveniently we offer a keyword finder that can aid you in choosing the right keywords that relate to your business.

Software to Help You Create an Expert SEO Content Strategy

Using our keyword tool can help to narrow down the keywords and give you a better understanding of how the certain keywords can help your website rank better in all search engine platforms.

By us offering daily data updates you can now view just how well your optimizing efforts are paying off with organic searches and paid as well.

Daily Keyword Tracking to Get Google Page One Results

With our position tracking tool you can also view if your sites keywords are ranking in the top 100 in the search engines.

Have competitors in your market you want to beat out rankings. With our competitors rankings reports you can get access to your competitors rankings utilizing what they are ranking for as a guide to what you should be focusing on when you are optimizing your website.


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