Free Software to Track Google Keyword Search Rank Results

As a marketing expert you know the value of tracking your competition. Learning your rivals secrets can prove invaluable to helping your business surge. By tracking your competitors marketing analytics your can find out their strengths and weaknesses and help you plot your course easier.

Uncover the Keywords Your Competitors are Targeting

The PromoMonster competitor tracking tool makes it easy to find out which keywords your competitors are targeting and ranking for Google organic search. Knowing their SEO marketing strategy and what works and what doesn't can help you save both time and money on your own content strategy.

Reveal Your Competitors Most Shared Content

PromoMonster displays the highest visited pages from your competitor's website and the keywords the visitors used to land on those pages. This allows you to set your content strategy on what works and you can target keywords that you know already perform.

With PromoMonster your are able to monitoring a competitor’s blog content daily for the up to date search ranking results from Google. Learn the blueprint your competitors are using to market their content and find out what's working and what is not.


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